2 Step Sheets

 (This page updated 1/15/2016)
Step Sheets for Colorado Cha Cha:
  • Make sure you get the "Manny & Alice Rodela" version, which is the "original" version, which is done in Denver Colorado.  There are OTHER versions which are different.
  • The below step sheet is a MODIFIED version of the 'Kickit' sheet. Additional notes have been added to it for "learning purposes".
  • For learning purposes:  If you start on the triple forward shuffle step (Kickit counts 27 & 28), then the dance breaks down into 3 parts of 8 beats each,  plus 4 beats at the end for the 2 sways -- see my notes added on "Step Sheet Version 3" down below.
  • Just remember, when they dance this in PUBLIC, they start on what is my 'Count 3' -- which is Kickkit's 'Count 1', the right forward rock step.
  • To find the original unmodified Kickit sheet, go to http://kickit.to, and search for "Colorado Cha Cha", and make sure it's the Manny & Alice Rodela versions.  (I tried to link directly to the Kickit Colorado Cha Cha sheet, but their URLs keep changing.)   The same steps can be found on Copper Knob.
 Links to PDF Versions of the below Step Sheets:
 Step Sheet  Version 1 - Original Kickit Sheet by Manny Rodela

Step Sheet Version 2 - Simplified Version by Jan Anderson
Note 7/31/2018: This sheet has a minor ERROR at steps 13&14: it should be "1/2 turn LEFT", not 1/2 turn right as printed". 

Step Sheet Version 3 - Kickit Sheet Plus Added Notes by Jim Ingram

Step Sheet Version 4 - Diagram Version

Step Sheet Version 5 - Jim Ingram's 1993 Version