Sept 7, 2014 Workshop Info

Dancers Wanted for Free Colorado Cha Cha Workshop

Sunday September 7, starting at 2 pm       (2014)

  • Divine Providence Hospital Auditorium  (Below the Chapel)
  • 1100 Grampian Blvd., Williamsport, PA  (see MAP at bottom)
  • RSVP is requested but not required.  
  • You can attend this workshop as a SINGLE or as a couple. 
  • Please RSVP or send questions to Jim Ingram by email or voicemail 570-322-7597.
  • The footwork is IDENTICAL for both leaders and followers -- and can be danced either as a single or as a couple.
  • You should be familiar with the rhythm of BALLROOM cha cha (1&2, 3-4, 5&6, 7-8), or what line dancers call "shuffle steps" (1&2), rock steps (3-4), and pivot steps.
  • You can optionally transition back and forth from Colorado Cha Cha to ballroom Cha Cha. 
2. Three Videos
  1. - Shows a floor full of couples doing the dance {titled 'Cowboy Cha Cha Dance' by 'texdegarie'} 
  2. - Shows 6 single dancers and 1 couple doing the dance {titled 'Stationary Cha Cha (Demo' by 'Line Dancing Lessons at Island')}
  3. - Our own Rita & Jim 'how to' video #427.  We dance it, then WALK through it.  . . . . (Warning: this video will NOT play on mobile devices {copyright issues w/song}) Use this version for mobile devices that has the music removed.   
  • Use the  VIDEOS page  to view more videos (13 videos listed), & the Kickit Step Sheet.

3. Six Reasons Why You Should TRY The  'Colorado Cha Cha'
  1. Singles: It can be taught and danced as a LINE dance (4 walls, 28 counts.
  2. Couples: It can also be performed as a choreographed COUPLES dance, with NO change of footwork.
  3. Practice: The rhythm (1 & 2, 3-4, 5 & 6, 7-8) is the same as BALLROOM  Cha Cha -- so the leaders are getting  doing the BALLROOM cha cha rhythm -- without having to worry about the leading.
  4. Ballroom: You can 'TRANSITION from Colorado Cha Cha, to ballroom Cha Cha -- and then later in the song, transition back to Colorado Cha Cha (demonstrated in the video).
  5. Compact:  It doesn't take up much space (stationary).  Therefore, you can be doing it in small area, while the rest of the floor is doing something else.
  6. Travel: It also gives you a good reason to visit Denver, Colorado :)   -- so you can dance this where the whole dance floor is doing the dance.