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1. Youtube Instruction VIDEOS:
  • To find this dance on Youtube, you can search for  "Colorado Cha Cha", "Stationary Cha Cha", "Denver Cha Cha, "Texas Cha Cha", and "Cowboy Cha Cha".

  • All 14 of the following videos use the "original, standard" 28-count, 4-wall version that is danced in Colorado --using choreography as recorded by Manny & Alice Rodela of Colorado Springs.    Be aware, Youtube contains many other VARIATIONS that are a DIFFERENT dance; those are not included on this page.
~~~~~  Videos By Rita and Jim  ~~~~~
  1. DEMO: {James R. Ingram (AZ), 3:15} #424: ColoradoChaCha.com -Demo, Stationary Cha Cha, Denver Cha, Cowboy Cha, Texas Cha .  We do "4 walls" of the Colorado Cha Cha, then at 00:50 we switch to ballroom dance frame and finish the song with ballroom Cha Cha patterns.
  2. WALK-THRU: {James R. Ingram (AZ), 31:43} #425: ColoradoChaCha.com -How To, aka Stationary Cha, Denver Cha, Cowboy Cha, Texas Cha    Our own 2014 how-to video.  {Demo w/104 bpm 'Tougher Than The Rest' by Chris LeDoux, then instruction}
    .  .  . We "break the dance down" into 3 parts of 8 beats each (1&2, 3-4, 5&6, 7-8) plus Part 4 the "sways" (1-2-3-4).  For me, this is the easiest way to count it.
  3. END-OF-WORKSHOP DEMO: {James R. Ingram (PA), 4:35} #426: ColoradoChaCha.com-Workshop 9/7/2014 Williamsport Pa -- shows us practicing part of a song as a line dance, and then a whole song as a couples dance.  This was at the end of a 90-minute workshop to teach the dance.
    ~~~~~ Walk-Thru's By Other People ~~~~~
  4. {Calvin Senechal (CA), 2:39} Texas Cha Cha  Note he starts on the 1&2 left triple forward, the same as we do when we try to teach people this dance.  {Instruction, then demo w/97 bpm instrumental}
  5. {Cindy Pruett, 0:37} Stationary Cha Cha   (Starts on the 1&2 left triple forward.)  {Walk-thru only}
  6. {Cowboy Country Swing Club (Univ WY), 5:37} CCSC How to Cowboy Cha Cha  (Starts on the 1&2 left triple forward.)  {Instruction, then demo w/102 bpm Neon Moon}
  7. {djcurtisone, 4:35} (By Bob and Beverly Budzynski, Michigan) Learn the Stationary Cha Cha.  Note they start on the "sway" routine which would be "Part 4" on the below step sheet, but otherwise they're using the "Colorado" footwork.  {Instruction, then demo w/132 bpm Lavay Smith 'I've got A Feelin'}  (Their tempo at 132 bpm is a bit 'rushed' for my taste.)
  8. {zdcMark, 0:36} Denver Cha Cha WalkThru2 and {13:48}  Denver Cha Cha Lesson .  Note he starts on the "R fwd rock" step Count 3, which is the technically-correct, but (in my opinion) a harder way to learn the dance.  {Instruction only}
  9. ~~~~~ Demos By Other People ~~~~~
    (just dancing, no instruction):

  10. {islandstation, 1:10} Stationary Cha Cha (Demo  Demonstrated by LINE dancers (& 1 couple).  They start on the usual Count 3, the rock step.  Note they do sort of a hitch step on 1&2 of the first part, but otherwise the standard "Colorado" footwork.
  11. {texdegarie, 4:03} Cowboy Cha Cha Keystone, CO.
  12. {texdegarie, 3:30} Cowboy Cha Cha Dance Silverthorne, CO.  Note man does several variations.
  13. {wolfliners, 3:30} Wolfliners - Colorado Cha Cha
  14. {danceWithJanet, 0:54} Stationary Cha Cha
  15. {19anoli56, 1:52} Colorado Cha Cha (Partner) linedance  The music is a bit fast and sounds more like rap music, but standard "Colorado" footwork.
2. Seven Reasons Why You Should TRY The  'Colorado Cha Cha'
  1. Singles: It can be taught and danced as a LINE dance (4 walls, 28 counts.
  2. Couples: It can also be performed as a choreographed COUPLES dance, with NO change of footwork.
  3. Two Ladies: It can easily be danced by two women, if sufficient men are not available -- since the footwork is IDENTICAL for the leaders and followers.
  4. Practice: The rhythm (1 & 2, 3-4, 5 & 6, 7-8) is the same as BALLROOM  Cha Cha -- so the leaders are getting used to doing the BALLROOM cha cha rhythm -- without having to worry about the leading.
  5. Ballroom: You can 'TRANSITION from Colorado Cha Cha, to ballroom Cha Cha -- and then later in the song, transition back to Colorado Cha Cha (demonstrated in videos #424 & #427/428).
  6. Compact:  It doesn't take up much space (stationary).  Therefore, you can be doing it in small area, while the rest of the floor is doing something else.
  7. Travel: It also gives you a good reason to visit Denver, Colorado :)   -- so you can dance this where the whole dance floor is doing the dance.
3. About The Colorado Cha Cha:
  • This dance as choreographed, can be done as either a line dance or couples pattern dance; the footwork is identical.
  • HISTORY:  It was originally called the Cowboy Cha Cha and taught in Colorado in the early 1990's.  The choreography was recorded by Manny & Alice Rodela.  
  • Manny says he originally learned the dance in Denver, and later renamed it to Colorado Cha Cha when he sent in the written choreography -- in order to avoid confusion with the more common "circular version" of the Cowboy Cha Cha.
  • In other parts of the country, it is apparently called the Stationary Cha Cha, the Denver Cha Cha, and the Texas Cha Cha.  In Denver it is still often called the Cowboy Cha Cha.